Technical solution:

For this, a log and workflow system has been integrated, which reports in real time, via Slack, to the Freeme team in charge of auditing the documents. Our solution allows you to register and configure log and workflow systems that work for your business.

1. Document capture with the Freeme app

The freelance professional only has to take a photo of each ticket or income and upload it to their Freeme app.

2. Document audit: Notification to the Freeme team in real time.

The Freeme team in charge of document auditing will receive a message via Slack, informing them of the existence of a new document pending validation.

3. Capture of logs.

The audited document is shown in the ERP to be accounted for by your agency.

Fernanda Rodríguez

CEO de Freeme
"Con el ERP Freeme Gestoría, en vez de recibir los documentos de tus clientes via mail, puedes acceder directamente a ellos en la nube, en tiempo real, con los datos ya capturados y sin necesidad de imprimir."