A new way to manage your business

You just have to take a photo of your expenses or income, and send them to your usual agency, easily and simply via your Freeme.es app. No need to accumulate tickets, or have to take them in a hurry at the end of the quarter to your agency. Save time with your digitized invoices and tickets.

  • Forget about your invoices: With Freeme you only have to take a photo of each ticket or deposit and all the data will be captured automatically and by AI: date, amount, name, VAT number …
  • Your accounting in your pocket: You will have all the information on your mobile for any consultation of your expenses and income at any time (Income, Expenses, VAT, etc.)
  • Connect with your consultancy 24/7: Easily send your documents, tickets and invoices, for their posting to your Agency, at any time. No rush, no last minute stress.

Freeme Agencies, the new ERP to save agency time.

With Freeme Gestoría you don’t have to wait for the tickets to be sent to you at the end of the quarter, or organize, post or archive them.

Access, review and account for your customers’ tickets and invoices at any time of the month.

By taking a photo of their tickets and invoices through their Freeme App and indicating your contact as their trusted agency, your clients / freelancers allow you to access these documents in real time with your ERP.

More than 100 hours of savings per year in management, for every 20 freelancers.

Fernanda Rodríguez

CEO de Freeme
"Con el ERP Freeme Gestoría, en vez de recibir los documentos de tus clientes via mail, puedes acceder directamente a ellos en la nube, en tiempo real, con los datos ya capturados y sin necesidad de imprimir."
  • Save time; Automatically digitize your clients’ expenses and tickets: amount, name, VAT number, date …
  • Easy to use: Your clients capture their data with their mobile and you access them whenever you want.
  • Simplify your Management: Access and account at any time of the period. No more rush or stress.
  • Optimize your resources: No need to sort, organize or archive your customers’ tickets and invoices.
  • Safe and convenient: Storage of tickets and invoices in Google Cloud, at no additional cost to you.

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